Mainely Matters

Highly qualified hosts cover a variety of topics regarding the state of Maine; Business, Veterans Affairs, Sports, Non-Profits, Politics, Travel & Tou…
May 21st, 2024 | 53:12

Lee Ann Szelog discusses Maine Made Film "A Peace of Forest" with host Rob Carmichael

The Ecosystem of Business: A discussion with speaker and author Lee Ann Szelog about her film, “ A Peace of Forest” developed with husband Tom Szelog.
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May 3rd, 2024 | 1:00:29

Maine Savings FCU CEO/President Vanessa Madore with host Rob Carmichael

Outstanding Maine Leaders: Rob Carmichael talks with Maine Savings FCU CEO/President Vanessa Madore.
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Mar 14th, 2024 | 57:35

United Insurance VP Patrick Gaetani with host Rob Carmichael

Host Rob Carmichael discusses a career in the insurance business with United Insurance Executive Vice President and Partner, Patrick Gaetani.
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Dec 11th, 2023 | 58:35

Maine’s Adjutant General, Major General Doug Farnham with host Rob Carmichael

Maine’s Adjutant General, Major General Doug Farnham joins host Rob Carmichael to discuss his distinguished career as a military and business leader.
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Oct 19th, 2023 | 35:04

Portland Police Lies , Brutality and Perjury In Mid 90's; The Cage, 50 Wharf Street, Portland, Maine

In the mid-90's a non-alcoholic dance club called The Cage opened in Portland, Maine at 50 Wharf Street in the Old Port. What happened next resulted…
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Oct 5th, 2023 | 55:40

RSU 25 School Superintendent Jim Boothby with host Rob Carmichael

Leading in the field of educational administration: Host Rob Carmichael talks with one of Maine’s top school leaders RSU 25's Superintendent Jim Boot…
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Aug 10th, 2023 | 51:29

Leading in law-enforcement; Sean Geagan, Bucksport Public Safety Director w host Rob Carmichael.

Leading in law-enforcement, and the community; Host Rob Carmichael talks with Bucksport, Public Safety Director, Sean Geagan.
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Jun 8th, 2023 | 37:40

Running a Firearms Business in Maine

Running a Firearms Business in Maine—Host Rob Carmichael talks with John Reid from J.T. Reid Gun & Cigars of Auburn, Maine.
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Apr 5th, 2023 | 54:24

Transforming Bucksport: A discussion with Bucksport’s Economic Development Director Rich Rotella.

Transforming Bucksport: A discussion with Bucksport’s Economic Development Director Rich Rotella and host Rob Carmichael.
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Feb 10th, 2023 | 57:24

Leading at the local level: Rob Carmichael talks with Bucksport Town Manager Susan Lessard

Leading at the local level: Rob Carmichael talks with Bucksport Town Manager Susan Lessard, one of Maine’s most experienced leaders, about her long c…
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Nov 29th, 2022 | 51:35

Mike Archer, Orono High School Athletic Director with host Rob Carmichael

Exploring the challenges and rewards of athletic administration at the high school level; Host Rob Carmichael talks with long time Orono High School…
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Sep 12th, 2022 | 46:44

Chris Rudolph, the Head of Corporate Sponsorships for Waterfront Concerts with host Rob Carmichael

Waterfront Concerts and Collaboration--Host Rob Carmichael talks with Chris Rudolph, the Head of Corporate Sponsorships for Waterfront Concerts, about…
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Jun 15th, 2022 | 45:47

Andy Silvernail, Founder, Chair & CEO of 5 Nails, LLC On Overcoming Adversity

From humble beginnings to one of the top CEOs in America---Host Rob Carmichael talks leadership and overcoming adversity with former Bucksport residen…
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Apr 26th, 2022 | 1:10:46

Breaking Barriers - Brigadier General Diane Dunn

Breaking barriers—Maine’s first female Maine Army National Guard General discusses her career and shared her thoughts on leadership with Mainely Matte…
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Apr 10th, 2022 | 25:04

When is a Duck Not a Duck? When its Maine Duck Tours!

Host Brian Bickford interviews Maine Duck Tour Owner Khaled Habash, the famous amphibious bus that guides visitors around Portland sites, teaching and…
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Apr 8th, 2022 | 33:35

Maine Craft Maker's Impact Experiential Tourism

Host Brian Bickford interviews CEO Kristan Vermeulen of Makers of The USA. Kristan is a visionary helping Maine based small businesses and hospitality…
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Apr 5th, 2022 | 29:27

Schooner Cruises - Camden Maine 2022

Host Brian Bickford interviews Capt. Sam Sikkema of the Victory Chimes (est. 1900), as they explore the many Maine based schooler options available to…
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Mar 14th, 2022 | 1:04:43

From West Point & Special Operations To Chick-fil-A

From the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and distinguished army career, to owner/operator of Chick-fil-A in Bangor, host Rob Carmichael talks with…
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Feb 11th, 2022 | 27:43

Ocean Impacts on Tourism In Maine

Host Brian Bickford discusses the condition of the Gulf of Maine & its impact on tourism with Blaine Grimes of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. D…
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Feb 8th, 2022 | 19:46

Maine Professional Hockey

Host Brian Bickford discusses Portland's Maine Mariners hockey teams contribution to Maine Tourism and economy in a candid conversation with its VP of…
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Feb 5th, 2022 | 25:44

Maine Snowmobiling 2022

Brian Bickford interviews Owner Russell Walters of Northern Outdoors in the Forks, the epicenter for access to the best snowmobiling trail systems in…
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Feb 3rd, 2022 | 52:00

Why Veterans Die By Suicide

Colonel (R) J.R. Mosher applies The Interpersonal Theory of Suicidal Behavior (Dr. Thomas Joiner, PhD) and a preventive model to our nation's veteran…
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Jan 27th, 2022 | 1:01:29

From the University of Maine to CEO in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry—Leading During Turbulent Times

Host Rob Carmichael discusses leadership with University of Maine Alum Dan Martin, the CEO of Xpress Global Systems, a leader in the shipping and dist…
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Dec 31st, 2021 | 17:00

One Year Anniversary Of Mainely Matters Podcast!

Host John Brier talks about the first year of the Mainely Matters podcast platform, which is now listened to in 22 countries with close to 20,000 epis…
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Dec 14th, 2021 | 50:39

Building the Maine Strong Balance Center with Dr. Jason Adour

From vision to reality, Physical Therapist and founder Jason Adour discusses the concept and growth of the Maine Strong Balance Center with host Rob C…
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Nov 23rd, 2021 | 27:11

Maine Forest Yurtz! Glamping Extreme

Host Brian Bickford invites Survivor winner Bob Cowley to talk about his 100 acre Yurtz hideaway in Durham Maine.
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Nov 16th, 2021 | 27:35

SUGARLOAF - Ski Season 2021-22 Kicks Off

Host Brian Bickford discusses Sugarloaf Mountain’s upcoming season with Ethan Austin. Learn what loyal and new skiers & boarders can expect this year.…
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Nov 5th, 2021 | 1:00:36

Leadership & Banking with John Reed, CEO of Maine Savings Federal Credit Union

Leadership and Banking with John Reed, CEO of Maine Savings Federal Credit Union and host Rob Carmichael.
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Nov 5th, 2021 | 22:37

Maine Author Randy Spencer Talks About His New Book "Written On Water".

Written On Water takes us to a place where very old ways of life have persisted and, against all odds, the velocity of modern life has not yet invaded…
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Oct 30th, 2021 | 49:49

Vinny Cormier, Maine Rock and Roll Legend

You've seen Vinny and his band Dakota on stages all over Canada and New England for decades. Now get to know the artist behind the loud rock and roll…
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Oct 29th, 2021 | 52:36

Wreaths Across America Executive Director Karen Worcester. Remember, Honor, Teach.

Remember, Honor & Teach. Karen Worcester, Executive Director of Wreaths Across America, talks about the 30-year history of one of America's most amaz…
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Oct 28th, 2021 | 28:42

Kaleb Robinson from Maine based nonprofit Trekkers with host Jared McCannell

Host Jared McCannell with another episode of the Mainely Matters - Nonprofit Report. In this episode we are joined by Kaleb Robinson from Maine based…
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Oct 20th, 2021 | 22:49

Jen Nason, owner of the Win Win thrift store, Brewer, Maine.

Host Patricia Matthews talks with Jen Nason, owner the Win Win thrift store located in Brewer, Maine. Learn why the Win Win is known as the thrift st…
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Oct 19th, 2021 | 52:57

Saving lives: reducing the stigma of mental illness and behavioral health disorders in military populations.

Major General retired Gregg Martin describes his battle and ultimate victory over bipolar disorder as an example for others to follow. With host Colon…
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Oct 16th, 2021 | 32:44

MAINE HOSPITALITY - Destination Resorts & Restaurants

CEO Matt Lewis of Hospitality Maine and Sebasco Estates Owner Bob Smith join Host Brian Bickford to discuss the unique offerings of Maine’s sought aft…
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Oct 15th, 2021 | 42:04

Restoring and Preserving Heritage Language & Culture in Maine (and around the World)

Join Mainley Matters Nonprofit Report host Jared McCannell for an interesting discussion about Maine's heritage languages and linguistic and cultural…
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Oct 12th, 2021 | 32:34

Gordie Gronkowski Talks Health, Fitness & The Origin Of The Gronk Spike!

Gordie Grownkowski joins host John Brier in talking about his families fitness business G & G Fitness, their VUE Drink line, and the projects they ha…
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Sep 29th, 2021 | 20:03

1963 Elephant Mountain B-52 crash near Greenville, Maine

On 24 January 1963 a United States Air Force Boeing B-52C Stratofortress with nine crew members on board lost its vertical stabilizer during turbulen…
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Sep 23rd, 2021 | 34:48

Interview with Maine Singer Allison Ames

In this podcast, Tom interviews Maine singer Allison Ames, who has sung professionally in the Allison Ames band for over 3 decades. We'll talk her ins…
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Sep 10th, 2021 | 35:18

9/11 - Maine's Connection To The 9/11 Hijackers

A look back at Maine's connection to 9/11 twenty years later. Mohamed Atta, the lead hijacker behind the 9/11 terrorist attack launched his attack on…
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Sep 8th, 2021 | 34:54

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens - Maine's World Class Park

In this episode, Host Brian Bickford invites Daniel Ungier, VP of Guest Experience & Education, Superfan Tish Stoneburner and Newcomer Dr. Lauren Dye…
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Sep 1st, 2021 | 25:33

What to know when buying or selling Maine real estate.

Host Elisha Hardy goes over the things buyers and sellers should be aware of when purchasing or selling real estate in Maine.
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Aug 25th, 2021 | 23:50

The Fall of Kabul and Message to Afghan Veterans

Colonel (R) Jack Mosher, former Chief of Staff of the Maine National Guard, shares his views on the chaotic withdrawal of the U.S. military from Afgha…
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Aug 19th, 2021 | 55:38

Living in the Gap

Business leader and former university professor Dr. Eric Holsapple discusses how to find purpose and meaning in life and business. Using Yoga and med…
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Aug 16th, 2021 | 20:54

Shawlyn Farms, Hermon, Maine with host Patty Matthews

Shawly Farms of Hermon, Maine is the focus of this episode. Locally produced yogurt and feta cheese. Small batch yogurt and feta cheese from locally…
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Aug 13th, 2021 | 33:33

18 Below Restaurant & Raw Bar Review, Waterville, ME

Jack and Wendy Mosher review their dining experience at the Waterville, Maine restaurant 18 Below.
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Aug 11th, 2021 | 29:30


From the Acadian Festival in Madawaska, the Thomas Point Bluegrass Festival in Brunswick, to the Famous Moxie Festival in Lisbon and the 149 year old…
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Aug 5th, 2021 | 47:11

Maine Artist David Smus Talks About Wildlife Bronze Sculptures With Host John Brier

Maine artist David Smus has been sculpting Maine wildlife in wood and bronze for well over 30-years. Learn about how he does what he does, why he doe…
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Jul 28th, 2021 | 33:13

Barns of Maine - The Real Roadside Attraction!

Author Lauretta S. Blackstone speaks with Host Brian Bickford about her book "Barns of Aroostook County". Learn about these beautiful and historical l…
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Jul 22nd, 2021 | 46:06

A journey in athletic administration with Blake James.

Host Rob Carmichael discusses the exciting journey from career aspiration to reality, with former University of Maine and current University of Miami…
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Jul 8th, 2021 | 18:31

Governor LePage vs Governor Mills in Maine's next election for governor.

Governor Paul LePage is running for governor again and he will go up against Maine's incumbent Governor Janet Mills. This episode reviews some of th…
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Jul 1st, 2021 | 21:00

Where Did Maine's Workers Go?

Host John Brier discusses the employment shortage Maine business owners are facing. Paying able bodied people to stay that a good idea? Al…
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Jun 18th, 2021 | 42:10

Father's Day Treat - What Our Father Means to Us!

Host Brian Bickford delivers a special Father's Day introduction as the Blanchard Family episode is replayed. This family of siblings climbs Mount Kat…
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Jun 15th, 2021 | 36:50

Understanding Maine's Post Pandemic Travel Industry - Summer 2021

Guests Alison Sucy, Director of Government Affairs & Communication and Dr. David Meyer, Psychologist discuss Maine's tourism expectations, pandemic fa…
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Jun 3rd, 2021 | 34:00

Maine Excursions with Craft Beverage Tours, Kayaking & Oyster Tastings

Our guest include Don Littlefield, GM of Maine Brew Cruise, their partner Shipyard Brewing Company's Ian McEvoy & Alice Bean Andrenyak of Alice's Awes…
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May 31st, 2021 | 44:53

Speak with confidence, comfort and conviction to influence, persuade and inspire audiences.

Rob Carmichael discusses public speaking and communication with Lee Szelog, a Keynote speaker, trainer, photographer, and award winning author.
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May 25th, 2021 | 21:51

State of Maine Non-Profit Report From Host Jared McCannell

Jared McCannell gives an overview of the current state of affairs in the Maine non-profit sector, as well as providing an overview of his role as Exec…
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May 17th, 2021 | 30:25

"FROM AWAY" - Massachusetts Tourist Meet a Real Mainer!

Meet 3 Tourist from Massachusetts and Maine Humorist Gary Crocker, our Real Mainer representative. Learn what tourist think about Maine, their experie…
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May 13th, 2021 | 46:28

From Harvard University To Living Off Grid In The Maine Woods; Dr. Wendy Weiger with host John Brier

Dr. Wendy Weiger follows her calling, leaving the academe life as a researcher at Harvard University to find happiness in an off-the-grid cabin deep i…
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May 7th, 2021 | 39:10

Your Guide To Maine's Hiking Trails With Cary Kish

Carey Kish holds the distinction of being a Maine Hiking Expert, Guide of key locations and trails. In this episode he discusses in detail the Best 12…
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May 6th, 2021 | 36:18

Registered Maine Guide Tom Roth talks about his new book, “A Sporting Year in Maine.”

Host Catherine Gordon talks with Tom Roth about his new book "A Sporting Year in Maine". Tom is a long time columnist with the “Maine Sportsman” and i…
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May 5th, 2021 | 50:27

Maine's proposed Pine Tree Amendment with Maya Van Rossum and host John Brier.

The Pine Tree Amendment . Ensuring that all Mainers have a constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment and to the preservation of the natu…
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May 3rd, 2021 | 34:24


Experience The Stephen King side of Maine. Our panel includes the Director of SK Tours who specialized in showing guests Stephen King book locations,…
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Apr 28th, 2021 | 41:43

Americans are not savings enough for retirement; Why we need better financial planning and education.

Host Rob Carmichael and Daren Seekins discuss the lack of preparedness for retirement in U.S. and the need for good financial planning.
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Apr 27th, 2021 | 36:40

The Maine Trail System - What Is The Attraction?

Maine hiking author Jeffery Ryan and Triple Crown Hiker Elysha Dyer give away their favorite trails, hiking secrets and ways to prepare for day hikes…
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Apr 22nd, 2021 | 40:14

The need for greater access to early childhood education and care and its impact on the economy, crime, and national security.

Rob Carmichael discusses the lack of sufficient, high quality early childhood care and education in Maine with Ben Goodman, National Director of Missi…
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Apr 16th, 2021 | 14:58

A Mother's Day Murder in Maine leads to the Virginia Jackson Memorial Scholarship

On Mother's Day in 1997 a retired school teacher and grandmother of five went missing after working a shift at her part-time job at a local supermark…
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Apr 15th, 2021 | 44:56

Lawrence Hollins, Associate Publisher of Down East magazine and Maine Homes magazine with host John Brier.

Lawrence Hollins, Associate Publisher of Down East magazine and Maine Homes magazine talks about the history of Down East magazine, the evolvement of…
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Apr 14th, 2021 | 33:48

Maine’s White Water Rafting Tourism - A Personal Wild Ride & Economic Driver

Maine’s Eco Tourism and Adventure Excursions is a huge business driver. This episode explores guided White Water rafting trips and the specific busine…
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Apr 12th, 2021 | 22:57

Katie Jane Rocks; Maine based non-profit that helps children in need in three countries

Katie Jane Rocks ( ) is a Maine based non-profit that helps children in need in Maine, Panama and Colombia. Host John Brier ta…
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Apr 12th, 2021 | 38:32

Sean Faircloth, Executive Director of the Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center, Bangor, Maine.

Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center is dedicated to empowering people who are in mental health or substance use recovery to take leadership in the…
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Apr 8th, 2021 | 22:53

Mark Rodrigue talks about his outdoor lifestyle brand, Rogue Life Maine, which is based in Lewiston, Maine.

Host Catherine Gordon talks with founder Mark Rodrigue about his new outdoor lifestyle brand, Rogue Life Maine. He also talks about raising $40,000 fo…
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Apr 7th, 2021 | 50:33

Lobstering "101” with host Phillip Torrey

6th generation Maine lobsterman Phil Torrey discusses the history of the Maine lobster industry, his family history of lobstering out of Winter Harbor…
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Apr 4th, 2021 | 36:21

"Never Give Up! Never Quit!" The Travis Mills Foundation with Colonel (R) Jack Mosher

Kelly Roseberry, Physical Therapist and Program Director of The Travis Mills Foundation and Veterans Retreat discusses the origin, mission and future…
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Apr 1st, 2021 | 16:55

Deanna Page, Maine Guide & owner of Four Seasons Guide Service with host Catherine Gordon

Deanna Page is a registered Maine Guide and the first female president of the Maine Bowhunters Association. Deanna is the owner of Maine’s Four Seaso…
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Mar 30th, 2021 | 11:38

Maine Veterans Project founder Doc Goodwin with host Catherine Gordon

Doc Goodwin is a Navy combat veteran 7.5 years of service as a Corpsman. Doc left the Navy in 2009 where he went on to join a reality TV show and trav…
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Mar 29th, 2021 | 27:04

Maine's Homeless Veterans Safety Net

Colonel (R) Jack Mosher discusses the current status of Maine’s Homeless Veterans with Jim Bachelder of Maine Veterans In Need and Chairman of the Ma…
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Mar 26th, 2021 | 19:25

"This Program Saved My Life" - Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing New England Coordinator Joe Cresta.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing New England Coordinator Joe Cresta discusses healing disabled veterans through fly fishing with host Colonel (R) Ja…
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Mar 24th, 2021 | 27:44

From the halls of Erskine Academy to the Mexican border; the immigration saga that is the Cristina Brier story.

Cristina Brier was legally adopted by this shows host half a decade ago. After attending Erskine Academy in China, Maine, Cristina was issued a Flori…
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Mar 17th, 2021 | 41:08

The Blanchard Siblings discuss climbing Mt. Katahdin each winter, with host Brian Bickford

While in the throws of mourning the death of her elderly father, joining her brother’s winter trek into the deep woods of Maine was the only thing tha…
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Mar 11th, 2021 | 51:25

"Walk Off Winning" Lessons in Leadership with Stetson head baseball coach Steve Trimper and host BG (Ret) Rob Carmichael.

Rob Carmichael talks to former University of Maine and current Stetson University Head Baseball Coach Steve Trimper who shares his leadership advice a…
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Mar 10th, 2021 | 13:11

Christi Holmes, registered Maine Guide and founder of Maine Women Hunters with host Catherine Gordon

Christi Holmes, registered Maine Guide and founder of Maine Women Hunters, speaks with host Catherine Gordon. The Machias native works as a design en…
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Mar 9th, 2021 | 21:45

Maine Homes Sales During Covid & For Sale By Owner Listings with Host Elisha Hardy

Mainely Matters Real Estate channel host Elisha Hardy introduces herself and talks about how covid has affected the buying and selling of real estate…
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Mar 3rd, 2021 | 25:26

The Whole Grain Bakeshop owner & Maine entrepreneur Kelly Thompson with host Patty Matthews

From truck driver to healthy baking, how it's done! Our Maine Made host Patricia Matthews speaks with Kelly Thompson, owner of The Whole Grain bake s…
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Mar 3rd, 2021 | 43:41

Chris Olsen, founder of non-profit Welcome To Housing with host John Brier.

Chris Olsen, founder of Welcome To Housing, talks about the good work this Bangor based non-profit does for people in need across the entire state of…
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Mar 2nd, 2021 | 21:12

Bangor Daily News columnist & author Aislinn Sarnacki with host Catherine Gordon

Aislinn Sarnacki. She is a columnist and editor for the Bangor Daily News, where she writes stories and produces videos about outdoor activities, con…
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Feb 20th, 2021 | 16:09

Bob Brennan owner of Woods and Water Lodge and Brennan Guide Service.

Bob Brennan talks with Catherine Gordon about guiding adventures in the beautiful Greenville Lake Region.
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Feb 17th, 2021 | 43:02

The Maine Knife Company with guest J.P. Nickerson

J.P. Nickerson talks about his unique approach to designing and selling limited edition knives at The Maine Knife Company, based out of Bangor, Maine.…
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Feb 16th, 2021 | 17:45

IF&W Commissioner Judy Camuso talks with Maine Guide Catherine Gordon

Commissioner Judy Camuso discusses what the department has done to break down barriers to encourage people to get outdoors during the pandemic includi…
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Feb 13th, 2021 | 21:15

Schooner Hill Joiners; 2 men building a schooner by hand in the woods of Northport, Maine.

Elijah Davis talks with host John Brier about the Schooner Hill Joiners. Elijah and his partner Ben are building a wooden schooner by hand in the wo…
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Feb 12th, 2021 | 43:48

“Play to Win” with University of Maine graduate and business leader, Mark Cross .

Host Rob Carmichael talks with Mark Cross, University of Maine graduate, Harvard M.B.A about Mark’s domestic and international business endeavors work…
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Feb 10th, 2021 | 20:09

Broadcasting Legend Bill Green Talks With Maine Guide Catherine Gordon

Bill Green discusses all things Maine including his endorsement of Susan Collins and the great Maine outdoors.
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Feb 8th, 2021 | 19:30

Missionaries In Maine

Two young missionaries talk about what it is like being a missionary in Maine during Covid. Hear their story on how they got to Maine and what they d…
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Feb 4th, 2021 | 17:00

Transgender athletes in Maine; fair or unfair to female athletes?

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete against female athletes in the state of Maine? Is this practice fair or is it discriminatory to trad…
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Feb 3rd, 2021 | 35:40

Rob Carmichael discusses Entrepreneurship and growing a new business with Cadeo Group founder.

Entrepreneurship and growing a new business. Rob Carmichael, of Cadeo Group discusses his experiences as the founder and leader of a successful seven…
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Jan 27th, 2021 | 31:32

Rusty Vallee, CEO & President of Maine Thread Company

Rusty Vallee, CEO and President of the Maine Thread Company, Lewiston, Maine, discusses the history of the 4th generation family business.
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Jan 25th, 2021 | 32:05

Ken Walsh, CEO of Alfond Youth & Community Center, Waterville, Maine

Ken Walsh, CEO of AYCC, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club of Waterville, Maine, discusses how their organization serves the community and how the organization h…
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Jan 21st, 2021 | 26:01

Say No To NECEC, which opposes CMP Corridor Project, with guest Brian Olas.

Brian Olas, Grassroots member of the Say No To NECEC organization, explains why he feels the CMP Corridor Project is not a good project for Maine or…
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Jan 15th, 2021 | 31:30

Dan Tremble, Mayor of Bangor, Maine. January 12, 2021

Dan Tremble, Mayor of the City of Bangor, Maine, discusses the City of Bangor and his role as Mayor.
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Dec 31st, 2020 | 20:31

Camp Tracy Summer Youth Camp Featuring Camper Katie Brier, Age 8

Camp Tracy is a 30 + acre youth summer camp run by the YMCA / Boys & Girls Club, Alfond Youth Center. Founded in 1968 along the shore of McGrath Pond…
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Dec 21st, 2020 | 13:55

Does Maine's Income Tax Rate Hurt The State Of Maine?

Host John Brier discusses Maine's income tax rate, which at over 7% for earnings over $50,000 a year is considered to be by many to be the most oppres…
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