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* Pricing based on RAW audio 60 minutes or less. Additional charges may apply. See our Terms of Service for more.

Episode Add-ons

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Show Notes

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? Then you should consider checking this box and let our team of talented show note writers write a SEO rich summary for each of your episodes so your episode will be more searchable in google. We will also provide you will key takeaways and relevant links mention in your episode.

$50 for basic
$99 for advanced

Social Cards

A social card is a key quote from your podcast episode that can be used to promote your podcast on social media.

$25 per card


An audiogram pairs a still image with a dynamic waveform and an audio clip from your podcast to create a highly-engaging video for promoting your podcast on social media.

$50 per audiogram

Editing longer than 60 minutes

Is your audio consistently over an hour long? Then you should check this box. Otherwise you might need to consider trimming down your content before you send it our way.

$30 per 15 minutes