Flame Bearers - The Women Athletes Blazing the Trail to Beijing

Flame Bearers: The Women Athletes Carrying Tokyo's Torch celebrates the journeys of Tokyo’s unsung women Olympians & Paralympians and provides action-…
Feb 16th, 2022 | 20:37

Dr. Natalia Siuba-Jarosz (Poland): Being a Doctor & Elite Parasnowboarder

Dr. Natalia Siuba-Jarosz is an elite Polish Parasnowboarder and Doctor in Radiology. She has gone by Simba ever since her last name was misspelled in grade school, and the nickname stuck. In this episode we hear how Natalia balances both the world's of elite snowboarding and being a doctor, as well as her thoughts on women in the sport. Hint: we need more women. "Now it's changing, but almost all of the coaches from other teams are men...It's hard to be a disabled woman in Poland." Hear more via Simba's new Flame Bearers podcast, live wherever you get your podcasts. Contributing experts include Margorzata Kelm (Natalia's Coach) and Maciek Jarosz (Natalia's Husband). Media clips from: -Paralympic Games' YouTube, Lillehammer 2021 | Para Snowboard | Dual Banked Slalom (m/w) | WPSS Championships -Paralympic Games' YouTube, Para Snowboard: Sports of the Paralympic Winter Games