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Feb 7th, 2024 | 24:43

Young Agents Take On The Hard Market: Operation Mentorship

The Big “I” Young Agents partnered with Trusted Choice to deliver information on the importance of mentorship as part of a special hard market bonus series on Agency Nation Radio. Guests Krista Kautz, Producer at Berrong Insurance, and Stewart Berrong, Owner of Berrong Insurance, were interviewed by Cash McMillen, National Young Agents Committee member, on their partnership as mentor and mentee. The conversation provides best practices for finding a mentor, approaching the relationship, and the learning from seasoned industry professionals. Kautz, when reflecting on asking Berrong to be her mentor, said, “One of my main things to mentees is to be curious. Ask the questions because I never would have gotten involved in the Young Agents program had I not said ‘hey I see this on your calendar. What is that? How do I get involved in that?” Kautz recommends that mentees have ambition when reaching out to their mentors. Having a drive to succeed and find new opportunities for growth will help form a stronger relationship with a mentor. If they have any recommendations or ideas for growth, Kautz says that internal drive to grow will help you be more successful During this session, the future of the industry was discussed. There are an estimated 400,000 employees within the insurance industry set to retire in the next few years. Now is the time for conversations between newer employees and seasoned staff to create opportunities for a transfer of knowledge. “The older generation, if you will, is taking our knowledge, our experience, and handing it down to them [younger people]. We have the opportunity to learn from the younger generation as they try to figure that out and apply it to what they’re dealing with day-to-day,” Berrong said. Agency Nation Radio is where insurance professionals turn on the mic and share unscripted stories about leadership, technology, marketing, success, and failure—stories that helped make them the professionals they are today. From Main Street USA to the pages of Independent Agent magazine—we've got the stories you want to hear. For more, catch Agency Nation Radio on your favorite streaming platform or visit --------------------------------- GUESTS: Cash McMillen LinkedIn: Additional Links:; Krista Kautz LinkedIn: Additional Links:; Stewart Berrong LinkedIn: Additional Links: