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May 27th, 2022 | 08:54

Rushing into Agency Ownership with Kristine Rushing

Welcome to Declaration of Independence. Today, we meet Kristine Rushing, co-owner and risk consultant at Rushing Insurance Agency in Pensacola, Florida. At the beginning of her career, Rushing interviewed with a bank and an insurance agency. The insurance agency was the first one to offer her a job—and so her insurance career began. When Nationwide released its exclusive agents from their contracts in 2008, Rushing and her now husband jumped at the opportunity to buy an agency. Being an agency owner showed Rushing a completely different side to the industry and confirmed insurance was the right career path for her. Tune in as Rushing talks about scaling, supporting employees and serving business clients. This is Declaration of Independents on Agency Nation Radio, where insurance professionals turn on the mic and share unscripted stories about leadership, technology, marketing, success and failure-- stories that helped make them the professionals they are today. From main street USA, to the pages of Independent Agent Magazine. Today’s episode is narrated by content editor Olivia Overman, brought to you exclusively by Agency Nation Radio. Visit for show notes, agency information, podcasts, articles and more. Rushing Insurance Agency, Pensacola, Florida: Facebook: Kristine Rushing, CIC, CPIA, LinkedIn: Host Olivia Overman, Content Editor, Independent Agent Magazine