Today's Heartlift with Janell

Sometimes the story we tell ourselves is not really true. Sometimes the story others tell about us is not really true. On "Today's Heartlift with Jane…
Apr 28th, 2021 | 14:16

Will You Get in the Wheelbarrow?

While recording the podcast session, "Becoming Stronger through the Unexplainable," author and Bible Teacher, Erica Wiggenhorn, shared an old story about Niagra Falls, a man, and a wheelbarrow. She added a few details of her own and the story pierced Janell's heart. It was a word in due season and exactly what Janell (and listeners) needed to hear. Per Janell's request, Erica willingly and lovingly recorded this meditative exercise so that we could listen to it, again and again. Whenever you are facing "the unexplainable," grab your headphones, find a quiet spot, and listen again. You will have to answer that hard question, "Will I get into the wheelbarrow?"