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Sometimes the story we tell ourselves is not really true. Sometimes the story others tell about us is not really true. On "Today's Heartlift with Jane…
Jun 21st, 2023 | 51:38

Making Peace with Our Body Image

On this episode of Today's Heartlift with Janell, we welcome Melissa L. Johnson, author of Soul-Deep Beauty. Melissa and I reflect on the harmful and pervasive impact of technology and social media on women's self-esteem and mental health. Drawing from our own experiences and alarming statistics, we explore the toxic beauty standards perpetuated by society and the pressures women face to conform to unrealistic expectations. We emphasize the importance of connection, self-compassion, and embodiment work in achieving true freedom and love for one's body. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the history and global impact of the American Beauty standard, the dangers of social comparison, the role of mothers in shaping their children's perceptions, and the power of shame to negatively impact women's lives. Melissa shares self-awareness inventory exercises to tackle these issues and move towards a healthier, more inclusive definition of beauty.

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