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Sometimes the story we tell ourselves is not really true. Sometimes the story others tell about us is not really true. On "Today's Heartlift with Jane…
Apr 5th, 2023 | 34:21

Is the Fear of Rejection Holding You Back? Part 2

How do you handle the rejections that Life brings? In Part 1 of my conversation with Jessica Van Roekel, author of "Reframing Rejection: How Looking Through a Different Lens Changes Everything," Jessica guides us through the four types of rejection: Perceived Rejection, Actual Rejection, Unintentional Rejection, and Intentional Rejection (ouch). In Part 2, she shares lessons from her life as a photographer and how "looking through a different lens changes everything." She shares the following:

  1. As a photographer, I get to choose what's in the frame. You might see a beautiful blade of grass with dew drops, but I know that just outside the blade of grass, is a pile of manure.
  2. We have a choice. What do we choose to see? The beautiful blade of grass or the manure?
  3. Will we let rejection boss us around?

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