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Sometimes the story we tell ourselves is not really true. Sometimes the story others tell about us is not really true. On "Today's Heartlift with Jane…
Mar 15th, 2023 | 50:19

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is fear holding you back from your living a rich and meaningful life? Is it holding you back from creating an atmosphere of strength and resilience in your home and family? Author of "Mind Battles: Root Out Mental Triggers to Release Peace," Kathy DeGraw, has a powerful word for us. Kathy grew up in an atmosphere of fear where "fear was the first reaction to anything." She felt brainwashed by fear and emotionally paralyzed. As she matured, she thought, "There has to be something better than this...better than reacting with fear." By God's grace, she did find a better way of living her life: Faith in God. Her words ring with truth and power.

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