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Sometimes the story we tell ourselves is not really true. Sometimes the story others tell about us is not really true. On "Today's Heartlift with Jane…
Apr 26th, 2023 | 52:06

Learning From Our Mistakes

Poet David Whyte defines regret as "a short, evocative, and achingly beautiful word; an elegy to lost possibilities even in its brief annunciation...Sincere regret may in fact be a faculty for paying attention to the future, for sensing a new tide where we missed a previous one, for experiencing timelessness with a grandchild where we neglected a boy of our own. To regret fully is to appreciate how high the stakes are in even the average human life. Fully experienced, regret turns our eyes, attentive and alert to a future possibly lived better than our past."

Teaching Pastor Alli Patterson, author of "How to Stay Standing: 3 Essential Practices for Building a Faith that Lasts," shares about a time in her young married life when she made a mistake. In her candor and disarming honesty, she shares her story in hopes of helping each of build a faith that will stand strong during the tests and trials of this life.

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