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Nov 3rd, 2022 | 46:45

Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Humanity | John Lennox & Paul Davies

We live in a culture saturated with technology. From a helpful autocorrected text to a friend to the suspiciously targeted ads in your Instagram feed to the deepfakes that can create your likeness without your consent.

Given technology's prevalence today, how should we think about our relationship with it? What does this relationship mean for what it means to be human? And is it possible for our tech to become *more* human than we are?

Our conversation today centers around these questions. In this Forum event from April 2022, you’ll hear first from Dr. John Lennox, emeritus professor of mathematics at Oxford. He’s the author of 2084: ​​Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity, and he discusses topics from this book with Dr. Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University. Dr. Lennox and Dr. Davies explore the ever-expanding impact of artificial intelligence on our lives, the plausibility of creating human-like technologies, and the importance of ethical guidelines and agreements in these morally fraught developments.