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Sep 29th, 2022 | 48:13

Time, Eternity, & Finding Value in Our Lives | Meghan Sullivan & Alan Lightman

Do you find yourself frustrated by life's inefficiencies? Wouldn't it be better if we could live entirely productive, completely predictable lives? Surprisingly, minor inconveniences can be more beneficial to you than you might think. Perhaps they can even bring meaning to your life and remind you of your ultimate lack of control. In this episode, we’ll investigate how time impacts what it means to be human. Can we find meaning and purpose in our short lives? And how can we begin to see time — however much of it we get — as a gift?

This Forum event was held in 2019 at MIT and features Dr. Alan Lightman, professor of the practice of the humanities at MIT, and Dr. Meghan Sullivan, professor of philosophy at Notre Dame.