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May 16th, 2024 | 33:53

Can Truth and Tolerance Coexist? | Volf & Pendakur

For many of the key issues today, it’s challenging to simply agree to disagree. Not only do we have serious differences in opinion and belief, but how we choose to act in light of them can have profound consequences.

How, then, should we live together? Is compromise a necessary component of community?

In a forum originally titled “Can Truth and Tolerance Coexist,” theologian Mirsolav Volf (Yale) and Dean of Students Vijay Pendakur (Cornell) delve into the complexities of a diverse, democratic society. Volf and Pendakur discuss how we can go beyond simply agreeing to disagree, what the role of physical and emotional safety is on college campuses, and what speaking the truth in love really means.

Their conversation was held at Cornell University in 2019. Thank you to the Forum planning team at Cornell university for making this event possible.

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