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Aug 24th, 2023 | 36:47

Where Is God in Places of Pain? | John Lennox

On November 8th, 2013, one of the most powerful tropical cyclones in recorded history hit the Philippines. Winds as high as 145 MPH tore through communities, causing $3B damage and killing over six thousand people.

A few weeks later, the Forum in this episode took place. The world was still grappling with what happened, wondering what meaning could be found in such a tragedy — or if there was any meaning at all.

In this 27-minute excerpt, you’ll have the space to mull over these questions of meaning. You’ll hear from John Lennox, a professor emeritus of mathematics at Oxford, and moderator Rosemary Avery, a professor of public policy at Cornell. They discuss the problem of evil, the goodness of God, and what the Christian scriptures suggest we do when our “whys” remain unanswered.