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Nov 10th, 2022 | 1:06:41

Can anyone know your authentic self? | University of Chicago

You — like most of us — are likely fed up with social media. The apps that promised us more social connection and genuine communication instead gave us doom-scrolling, photoshopped vacation photos, and hordes of influencers. But in our quest for authentic community, have we looked in the wrong places? Can we express our true selves on social media platforms like BeReal or Instagram? And is *real* authenticity — whether online or in person — even possible?

We explore these questions through a Forum from April 2022 at the University of Chicago. In it, a fashion designer and philosopher contemplate selfhood. What does it mean to “be ourselves”? The first speaker is Dr. Fiona Dieffenbacher, an Associate Professor of Fashion at Parsons School of Design. The second speaker is Dr. Benjamin Callard, a philosopher professor at the University of Chicago.