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Apr 1st, 2022 | 42:59

Hans Fredrik Johansen CEO | Brian Jenkins Sales Lead | Vrex | Construction VR Collaboration Software

Vrex brings your architects, construction, and design teams together inside the model from anywhere in the world with the power of virtual reality utilizing BIM models and point clouds from anywhere in the world. A virtual collaborative workspace, with the tools your team needs to be productive. Hans has a track record of bringing leading edge software technology to the business world. From his youth working part time at the local lumber yard he has always had a passion for the construction industry. In his career Hans has fronted data driven solutions to reduce complexity and provide insight to make solid plans and great decisions. Before joining VREX he commercialized research-based startup at global scale to become the preferred network service in the visual collaboration industry. At VREX his passions and experiences all come together: Taking Collaboration into a new dimension! Reducing the complexity of 3D-models, BIM and Point Cloud in Virtual Reality while sharing insight on a VREX collaboration platform. Twitter @VrexNow Instagram @hansjoha LinkedIn Facebook Website URL Brian Jenkins has a demonstrated history of growing SaaS start-ups in the AEC industry. Customer centric, results-oriented and a problem solver, Brian grew up on the job site and has had a front row seat in viewing the growth of the constructions industry from one where business was conducted on a notepad to one that now allows for people of all walks to meet and collaborate virtual reality. LinkedIn