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Jan 28th, 2022 | 42:42

Dominic Rubino | Host of the Profit ToolBelt Podcast | Construction Profitability Consultant

For over 20 years, Dominic Rubino has worked with Contractors like you. People who work hard, sacrifice, and have fought for everything they have. Through the podcast, articles, videos and online courses you’ll learn the business improvement tips and shortcuts that other Contractors are already using. They want to get things back under control and figure out how to work less and earn more. Businessman, Podcast Host , Business Coach and terrible fly-fisherman I specialize in working with business owners who want more. More Time, More Money, More Team, and More Strategy on growing smart. I hate BS and I only deal in reality. Specialties: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Business Coach, Trainer, Sales Trainer, Professional Speaker, Finance, M&A, Business for Sale, Franchisor Dominic Rubino works with growth-minded contractors Dominic Rubino creates construction millionaires- and multi-millionaires. He's done it for himself, and he has shown others how to do it as well.This book is the blueprint on how to work from the neck up. How to work smarter, how to grow and leverage the right systems and ways of doing things in your business so you can skip the trial-and-error that could literally waste your entire life.You should read this with the goal of getting first to 1 M in revenue, then using the same information to get you to 1 M in profits.There are secrets to success. Unfortunately they don't get taught in school, and people who know them usually don't share them. LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Podcast Website