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Aug 2nd, 2021 | 35:56

Mark Kerzner | The INNER WORKINGS of Artificial Intelligence

Mark has been training in AI for about the last five years, and taught Big Data and related technologies for five years. He traveled, wrote courses, delivered these courses, and visited fine arts museums in Paris and London. In the past year, Mark started teaching software security, which he thinks will soon rival AI, both in volume and in importance. Cybersecurity today is on the presidential and world politics discussion. Lately, Mark started a startup Scaia (Scalable AI), for productizing AI technology, in Natural Language Processing (NLP), first for the legal vertical and eventually for the enterprise. Mark is working on a book, "AI NLP," where he describes the commercial AI NLP offerings and then describes the technologies that his readers can implement on their own, to find useful new use cases.