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Feb 11th, 2022 | 47:24

Dave Alpert | CEO and Co-Founder Geopogo | AR Platform for Architectural Previsualization Review

I'm a resourceful guy who was raised in San Francisco in a poor family. I have overcome many challenges and distinguished myself as an entrepreneur and leader, as well as an award-winning architect and a devoted father. I believe in focusing on the people and the process to generate the best products and outcomes. From my project work as an architectural student on scholarships at UC Berkeley and the University of Westminster to the many buildings that I have designed and now to my own 3D software company, I have devoted myself to user needs and customer needs. As a student I was awarded the two top prizes in my graduate program, including a fellowship to travel around the world for two years, during which I worked with architects in Rome and Budapest and immersed myself in foreign languages and cultures. In my practice as an architect, I earned a mid-career MBA degree. I combined my creative talent and business skills to lead teams on many landmark projects, including high-rise towers in SF, corporate HQ campuses in Silicon Valley and Marin County, hospitals across the US, university projects in California and Oregon, and a house for my family at the Sea Ranch on the Sonoma Coast. I'm fairly imaginative, so it happened that I had a dream in 2014 about creating a metaverse of digital twins, although I was totally ignorant of those terms and relatively tech-averse. I proceeded to become much more tech-friendly and to gradually build a team of amazing people who I support and cherish. In 2017, we began to work on our dream full-time, pivoting from our part-time work providing 3D modeling services to develop 3D software products to democratize the access for everyone to do 3D design and visualization themselves. We have made great progress, with granted patents, technology awards, launched products, and partnerships with companies including Siemens and Magic Leap. We're now focusing on AR subscription software for architectural design and construction. The journey continues! Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook Website URL