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Nov 5th, 2021 | 48:50

Mike Malatesta | Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Trusted Advisor | Author

I love supporting and helping entrepreneurs bring their dreams to fruition, break through barriers, and achieve massive success. I've lived in their shoes since I was 26 and I've been through - and am still on - the roller coaster they are. I've experienced the excitement, pain, grit, and mistakes that come with every entrepreneurial journey. I'm an entrepreneur who has helped start, grow, and sell two amazingly successful waste management companies. One sold for mid-8 figures and the other sold for low-9 figures. I also created and host the "How'd it Happen Podcast" [200+ Episodes] where I explore stories, lessons, and wins with some of the most fascinating and successful people in the world. My new book, "Owner Shift - How Getting Selfish Got Me Unstuck"is a philosophical memoir that reveals the secret to why so many entrepreneurs get stuck and how they can SHIFT to get free once again.