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Mar 4th, 2022 | 47:43

Hannibal Baldwin | CEO & Co-founder | SiteZeus | AI-driven Retail Site Selection

Hannibal is a fifth generation Tampa native. A student of the University of Colorado and graduate of University of South Florida in 2011 where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Upon graduation Hannibal and his brothers Keenan & Trevor formed Shibumi Capital Partners (formerly Baldwin Beach Capital), which serves as a private equity & venture capital fund for the Baldwin Family Office. Given the focus of investments, Hannibal and Keenan had a unique opportunity to have a front row seat in the expansion struggles and successes of several different notable restaurant & retail brands. Through these experiences originated SiteZeus, a web based site selection platform for restaurant, retail and brick & mortar brands. Keenan and Hannibal founded the company in late 2013 and Hannibal continues to serve as its CEO. Hannibal is an avid snowboarder, outdoorsman and artist. He enjoys physics, statistical mathematics, product design and data science with an intense passion! Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook Podcast Link Website URL