Climate Change with Net Zero Homes

Homes will become the biggest consumers of electricity by 2050. While electricity is the cleanest form of energy, we still have to contribute to make…
May 18th, 2021 | 15:18

Making EVs accessible to all homeowners, with Nicolas Banchet, co-founder of ChargeGuru and CEO of Zeplug

Episode three of the ‘Climate Change with Net Zero Homes’ podcast features Manish Pant chatting with Nicolas Blanchet from ChargeGuru and Zeplug about how Electric Vehicle (EV) charging can be made accessible for all, no matter what type of property you live in.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) sector has experienced phenomenal growth over the last 12 months – how can we leverage this innovation and new found consumer demand to reach our Net Zero goals?

Find out in our latest episode, available now.

Guests: Nicolas Banchet, co-founder ChargeGuru and CEO Zeplug,

Topics discussed in this episode:
- Electric Vehicle (EV) impact on home electricity consumption and capacity
- Holistical approaches to home energy management
- How EVs can help us achieve Net Zero goals

Resources mentioned in this episode:
- Climate Action, European Commission:
- Mobility policy law, Official Journal 2019:
- National Association for the development of eMobility:

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