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May 12th, 2022 | 10:29

COVID Forced Big Changes in Nursing Technology and the Field is Wide Open!

In this podcast episode of “K12 On Learning,” experts from the field will discuss various aspects of nursing. With new and emerging innovative technologies, it has also opened up to be an in-demand career today, with many opportunities. The goal of the Stride Nursing Club is to encourage students to look at this health profession specialty. Today, we hear from Dr. Sherri Wilson, RN, Director of Stride Career Prep's Healthcare Program, who introduces us to two surgical care nurses. Listen now! #nursesweek #nursing #k12OnLearning
Want to know more about the Stride Nursing Club? Visit the webpage: https://www.stridelearning.com/career-prep/programs-curriculum/nursing-club.html Interested in learning about career prep options for online high school students? Be sure to visit: https://www.stridelearning.com/career-prep.html