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Jun 30th, 2021 | 38:37

Success Happens with a Coach

The Stride Career Prep Success Coaching Program helps students discover their interests and abilities, aligns those with the job market and explores career fields where success is #FutureBuilt! Experts on this episode: Courtney White, Tyng Kam, Gina Mullis, and Darius Harris, all Stride Career Prep Career Success Coaches https://www.stridelearning.com/career-prep/career-exploration/student-success-coaching.html https://www.stridelearning.com/
Courtney White Courtney has a passion for helping students reach their maximum potential for success. She has an extensive background in education and career coaching and is a certified professional resume writer. Most recently, she served as a career services director at a computer training institute and was awarded Director of the Year for 2019. She is dedicated to discovering and sharing the secrets of career and employment opportunities and is excited to help propel students into the careers of their dreams. Tyng Kam Tyng started her career in the field of education and career development services through leadership roles at UIC, InternshipDesk, and more recently, IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Germany. In addition to working with Stride, Tyng also serves as a consultant to education consultancies and career service providers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. As a career coach, Tyng has delivered over 2000 hours of coaching to university students and high school graduates and placed over 300 students for internships. Darius Harris Darius is a certified strength and career coach as well as a certified resume writer who feels privileged to be able to work with high school students in identifying their natural abilities, values, strengths, and interests. He is glad to be able to use his years of experience in career development to aid students in becoming career-ready so they are well prepared with a clear plan before graduation. Prior to joining Stride, he worked as a career coach in youth development, workforce development, higher education, and outplacement services. He has also taught career exploration courses as an adjunct professor at Rasmussen College. Gina Mullis Gina has a passion for helping students realize and meet their full potential, set achievable goals, and discover and live their dreams. Her background is in education with her experience being in English teaching, administration, school counseling, and career and tech Education (CTE) programs. Gina is also an entrepreneur, and is the founder of a non-profit organization that guides community youth toward overcoming obstacles to find life success. Gina is also a published author with three published novels, all focused on inspiring strength, focus, and drive (www.supergauthor.com) . She is known as Super G Author for the community and writing projects she’s spearheaded while battling Multiple Sclerosis daily. She loves animals and health and fitness, and her weakness is pasta! Gina is a Stride Success Coach for Indiana Digital Learning School students, where she has worked for 4 years.