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Oct 20th, 2022 | 17:34

Part 5 Schooling Effectively @ Home Series: Practice Makes Progress, Not Perfect

In Part 5, of our Schooling Effectively @ Home Series, we will talk about how practice makes progress. Perfection is not what we are going for here. Our guest, Deslynn Mecham, suggests that practicing routines and procedures will eliminate some disruptions and allow more opportunities for learning. #K12OnLearning
Here are Parts 1-4, so you can catch up. https://app.resonaterecordings.com/hosting/k12-on-learning/1a95a1e1-8cde-49de-8d70-876ecac7ce92 https://app.resonaterecordings.com/hosting/k12-on-learning/ef51d53d-1e89-4d03-9e58-9c4c7e23ec3c https://app.resonaterecordings.com/hosting/k12-on-learning/a643cbaa-ce84-45ae-89bd-e72549293537 https://app.resonaterecordings.com/hosting/k12-on-learning/c545be17-96c2-408c-89db-79ca8a7e0d00 https://app.resonaterecordings.com/hosting/k12-on-learning/cc094a2f-2f7e-41b8-a97c-cff9389c4840