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Aug 12th, 2021 | 42:38

Book Review Topic: Hiring & People Management

We're always being asked: "Do you have any good book recommendations?" Well, here's our first of what will be many book reports. We'll be doing them by coordinated topics going forward and this first one is all about our favorite subject, "people management!" I'll give you a high-level overview of four great ones we recommend often: "Who: the A Method for Hiring" by Geoff Smart & Randy Street "The Ideal Team Player" by Patrick Lencioni "Who Not How" by Dan Sullivan "Ownership Thinking" by Brad Hams Add the "Impact Filter" tool from Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach ( and you've got the building blocks to a larger "hiring system" for your growing business. A quick shout-out to Brian Colao and his team at Dykema on a great event in Denver and the story behind Spencer Lueder's 20-year quest to change the world of cancer survivorship on a bicycle. It's all on today's show! Questions, comments or coffee recommendations? Send them to me directly at: And please be sure to leave us a rating!