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Sep 2nd, 2021 | 33:23

Aligning Interests through Equity Structures

It's time to stop playing "small ball" with your emerging group. Equity may be your most valuable currency, so listen in as Diwakar and I unpack some of the ways to think about using equity to your advantage for growing your group. There's a reason so many Enterprise-level DSOs use an "equity roll" as a key selling point when it comes to convincing people to join their group - and you can do the same! We cover all of that along with the latest addition to our Data & Analytics team, Chris Yanes, and Dr. Nimesh Patel donates an Ember Coffee Mug to my growing coffee addiction. It's all on today's podcast! Questions, comments or coffee recommendations? Email 'em to me at: Please be sure to leave us a rating and a comment!