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Oct 21st, 2021 | 30:35

Defining & Developing Strategy

We got a TON of questions around the subject of strategy, but “strategy” can be a wide-ranging topic. I help you think through strategy from several different perspectives: target market; services; growth; and execution. And I relate it all to what we’re doing here at Polaris! This discussion should give you PLENTY to think about as you build out your own strategic planning session for 2022. We welcome Mike Dombrowski as our new Brand Manager here at Polaris and I share what it’s like to be a High Performance Driving Instructor from a prior stage of life. It’s all on today’ show! Want to join us for a two-day Strategic Planning "Working Group" session on "Mergers, Acquisitions & Affiliations" here in Charlotte on November 4&5 or 11&12? Interested in learning more or getting on the waiting list? Here's your link: Want to register? Email Diwakar directly: Other questions or comments? Email me directly: Please subscribe and leave us a comment and a rating!