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Aug 19th, 2021 | 39:30

Getting Your Ownership Structure Straight

You bought or built your first location outright, then you added a second location with a 50-50 partner...and then you both went in on a third location with a third partner. Now you've all decided you need to form a management company because you want to grow to 10+ locations, so how do you figure out who owns what percentage of what?! Sound familiar? We encounter this scenario frequently and we've seen a LOT of it lately. Getting your equity "capitalization table" straight impacts your ability to govern the business and grow the business. I talk through this scenario in an effort to shed some light on the mathematical component as well as the emotional component. Getting your partnership equity structure "right" early on is critical to your future success. That discussion and favorite day planner, the "Self Journal," all on today's show. Questions, comments or coffee recommendations? Email 'em to me at: Get your own Self Journal at: Please be sure to leave us a rating and a comment!