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Oct 7th, 2021 | 28:52

Maximizing Your Most Valuable Currency - a Recap on Equity

We've covered a TON of ground over the last 90 days as it relates to the concept of Equity. From Associate and Executive equity models to Cap Table Mergers to the recent Affiliations Model, it was a lot to digest, so we thought it would be beneficial to take a minute and hit the highlights of "all of the above." I decided to bring back the little man behind with the big microphone. That's right - Diwakar's back! Today we slice and dice the ins and outs of all things equity. If you want to go deeper into all of this and incorporate it into your growth strategy for 2022, then you'll want to join us for a two-day "Working Group" session on "Mergers, Acquisitions & Affiliations" here in Charlotte on November 4&5 or 11&12. Interested in learning more or getting on the waiting list? Here's your link: Want to register? Email Diwakar directly: Other questions or comments? Email me directly: All of that plus another great addition to our Data & Analytics team, Christian Stamp, and an update on my quest for the perfect cup of coffee. It's all on today's show. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and a rating!