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Sep 23rd, 2021 | 43:10

Affiliations Strategy Details: the Interview with Ryan Metzler of Stock Legal

The "Affiliations Model" has generated a TON of interest and inquiries, so I decided to bring Ryan Metzler of the Stock Legal firm on the show to dive deep into the details. We slice and dice the legal context around ownership, fees, agreements, PIUs, change management and the potential journey at hand. There's so much to cover, we even decided to host a two-day "Working Group" session on "Mergers, Acquisitions & Affiliations" here in Charlotte on November 4&5. Interested in learning more or getting on the waiting list? Email me directly: Find out more about Ryan and Stock Legal at: And a warm welcome to the newest addition to our Data & Analytics team, Kyle Webster! It's all on today's show. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and a rating!