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Mar 31st, 2022 | 36:32

When Will Fake Meat Taste Like Real Meat?

These days, there are so many ways food entrepreneurs are making plant-based meat. There are using methods like fermentation, or culturing meat cells, or simply using a plant-based source like pea protein or mushrooms to make vegan meat. And in this space that’s bubbling over with innovation, the work Dan Riegler is doing is truly novel. Riegler is the cofounder of Karana, a startup which turns jackfruit into plant-based pork. His vision came about after living in Asia - where jackfruit is popular- and seeking to find a more sustainable and equitable alternative to industrial farming. Before he was a founder, Riegler was a traveler and a musician - not exactly the typical prototype of a food tech founder. But growing up in a nomadic and musical family which didn’t have traditional expectations for Riegler is exactly what he says allowed him to think outside the lines.