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Mar 23rd, 2023 | 44:16

Can You Make (Good) Chocolate Without Cocoa and Coffee Without Beans? A Conversation with Adam Maxwell and Kelsey Tenney, Voyage Foods

Adam Maxwell and Kelsey Tenney are almost polar opposites. What makes them such a formidable pair of co-founders is the one thing they do have in common. They are both downright obsessed with the science behind food. That mind meld led the pair to launch Voyage Foods, which makes your favorite staples with alternative ingredients to produce food more sustainably. The Oakland-based company recently launched peanut butter without the peanuts, and they’re also working on chocolate without cocoa and coffee without beans. Kelsey and Adam’s partnership began across the country on the East Coast - he had worked in fine dining, and she had a sweet tooth. Together, they believe they can replace ingredients that are becoming increasingly scarce in the world…with her capacity to solve hard problems and his big vision…and counterculture attitude that arose from his Boston childhood.