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Jan 27th, 2022 | 26:47

Preventing Mass Bird Collisions in New York City

In today's episode, we speak with Catherine Quayle from Wild Bird Fund, the only emergency rescue and rehabilitation center for injured birds in New York City. Hear about Wild Bird Fund's new campaign to prevent mass bird collisions with glass windows, particularly in Lower Manhattan. (; (Bird Migration Forecasts In Real Time:; (American Bird Conservancy's Window Remediation Database:; (New York City Audubon's Window Collision Advocate Templates:; (Jim Cubie's Guide To Preventing Bird Collisions With Glass: We also discuss how to re-wild your yard with hedgerows. Join Catherine Greenleaf, a certified wildlife rehabilitator with 20 years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife, for twice-monthly discussions about restoring native habitat and helping the birds in your backyard. Send your questions about birds and native gardening to (PG-13) St. Dymphna Press, LLC.