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Apr 8th, 2021 | 44:04

Planting Milkweed To Help Monarch Butterflies with Angie Babbit

The Monarch Butterfly was recently turned down by federal officials for protection by the Endangered Species Act. In this episode, we talk with Angie Babbit, communications director of, about how this decision may actually help the Monarchs. Note: This interview was conducted shortly before the total number of Monarchs overwintering in Mexico was released to the public. Visit their link at: See population numbers for the last several years at: To order milkweed plants, go to and click on Milkweed Market. Join host Catherine Greenleaf, a certified wildlife rehabilitator with 20 years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife, for twice-monthly discussions about restoring native habitat and helping the birds in your backyard. Send your questions about birds and native gardening to (PG-13) St. Dymphna Press, LLC.