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Sep 23rd, 2021 | 32:43

Preventing Cyanobacteria Outbreaks in Lakes and Ponds

In today's episode, we speak with aquatic biologist Angela Shambaugh about how to prevent toxic Cyanobacteria blooms in lakes and ponds. Links: North American Lake Management Society resources for cyanobacteria:; Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) cyanobacteria guidance: (Visual Guide is in Appendix A Lakeshore protection and restoration); Vermont's Lakewise Program:; Maine's Lake Smart Program:; and New Hampshire's Lake Smart Program: Join Catherine Greenleaf, a certified wildlife rehabilitator with 20 years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife, for twice-monthly discussions about restoring native habitat and helping the birds in your backyard. Send your questions about birds and native gardening to (PG-13) St. Dymphna Press, LLC.