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Nov 9th, 2022 | 22:47

Prepare for Agency Ownership

On this edition of Agency Nation Radio, Avery Moore, owner of ECI Insurance, and Scott Freiday, InsurBanc Division Director dig into the intricacies of financing an independent agency. The two share strategies and anecdotes for aspiring owners on the importance of relationships, mentorship, valuation, and interest rates. They also share key factors used to evaluate an agency for financing. "Most important is to start that conversation early and raise your hand. Let the owner know that you'd like to be the candidate for the next generation of ownership," says Scott. Whether you are an aspiring owner or considering retirement, the InsurBanc leader shares strategies to help you understand your next step. Agency Nation Radio is where insurance professionals turn on the mic and share unscripted stories about leadership, technology, marketing, success, and failure—stories that helped make them the professionals they are today. From main street USA to the pages of Independent Agent magazine—we’ve got the stories you want to hear. For more, catch Agency Nation Radio on your favorite streaming platform or visit Avery Moore: Scott Freiday: InsurBanc: